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"Silent stars sing a Beautiful Song.

A Big Bear is hunting and I sit beside it.

All I ask is a Melody, a peaceful song of a place called Home."

         - MION

I am a singer and songwriter from Lapland, Finland. Nature outside and inside is in the core of my Heart.


- Fingers on the keyboard. Elation. Joy. Communion. Grief. All is allowed. Me. As a whole.
When I was little, I would dance and sing all the time.
And then it was all extinguished. Why was it all extinguished?
A great turn of life's tides made me remember something essential of myself, to embark on a journey to who I really am, into myself, beyond all the performance and demands. 

- My identity began to form from within, and the music – the power songs – my own voice.

I feel a strong connection to the indigenous peoples and their fates. My heart is with the children and with nature.

Organicity, diversity, and the union of different sources of inspiration makes me flow.

I want to plant and raise a new world, a world where everyone has space to be and breathe the unique tunes that vibrate in our hearts.

The song of life is wild and free.

I am what I am, on my journey towards oneness.

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